MavenSocial Pricing

MavenPro for single influencer tracking. MavenTeam for managing and tracking a teams of influencers. MavenPlus for landing pages, offer management and email. MavenSocial has the entire 360 campaign and captures the customer journey from initial touch through to purchase.



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MavenPro: 3 Campaigns,
3 Hashtag Tracks,
1 Influencer


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6 Campaigns,
6 Hashtag Tracks,
Up To 50 Influencers,


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10 Campaigns,
10 Hashtag Tracks,
Up To 500 Influencers

PURLs and PIXELs to track your own reach, impressions, clicks

Simple sharing tools for all major social platforms

Influencer Data Profile                                                

Ad Equivalency                                                        

Engagement Score                                                

Hashtag (#) trackers for Instagram and Twitter

Influencer Team Content                                                

Content Distribution and Management                      

Aggregate Team Analytics                                                

Landing pages, Microsites, Marketing Funnels, Facebook apps

Integration with Free MailChimp Account                            

Coupon and Offer Management                            

Real Time ROI from Reach to Orders